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Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Licensed Educational Psychologist: LEP #4148

Educationally Based Psychological Services

Thank you for your interest in my services.

My passion is to provide culturally responsive and neurodivergent-affirming assessments and educational support to culturally, linguistically and neuro- diverse learners. My 18+ year career experience includes working as a district employee and independent contractor for multiple Northern California k-12 schools. I have served monolingual and multilingual students across public and private school settings. 

My previous work experience also includes administrative positions such as 

Director of Special Education & Student Services and, more recently, Director of Health & Wellness.

While the majority of my work involves working directly with children, I am also a published researcher and teach strength-based and bilingual assessment to school psychology graduate students at CSUS.

Above all, I am an advocate for learners of all ages! 



Spanish/English Psychoeducational Evaluations

Full battery monolingual or bilingual psychoeducational evaluations. Review of available records, thorough interviews, observation and appropriate test measurements per best practices

Special Education Team Consultation & Collaboration

Collaboration with multidisciplinary IEP team to help meet special education requirements under IDEA Federal regulations and California Education Code

Independent Evaluations &
Private Testing

Psychoeducational assessments for clients seeking diagnoses and intervention recommendations. Independent Evaluations (IEE) also available

Multileveled Supports & 
Skill Building

Identification of appropriate, scientifically research-based interventions for psychological processing area of need. Executive Functioning  consultation and tutoring 

 KGEMINII provides psychoeducational services and assessments for students with learning challenges (for example: characteristics of dyslexia, emotional dysregulation, autism, executive functioning and/or ADHD) in the greater Bay Area.

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